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Can you measure the value
of hearing the sounds of life?

  • Do you feel like you’re missing out on enjoying activities
    and people that are important to you?
  • Are you quietly struggling with strained personal and professional
    relationships, because it’s hard to communicate?
  • Have you ever experienced feeling rushed through an ear appointment, and that your concerns weren’t properly identified and helped?
  • Or maybe you feel anxious, even embarrassed, about seeking help for
    your hearing concerns...

Doctor of Audiology, Brenda Tullio, owner of The Ear Clinic in Meaford, Ontario, will spend the time needed to help you understand the nature of your problem, how you can best cope, and help you minimize or even eliminate any temporary anxieties or feelings of loneliness you may feel during the process. Her genuine passion and compassion to help her patients truly enjoy a better quality of life, is backed by over 16 years of experience working with all age groups, ranging from small children to the elderly.

Working with Brenda

brenda tullio Are you frustrated that you’ve already tried to find a solution for your ear problems but haven’t gotten the outcomes you hoped for?

At the Ear Clinic, addressing your hearing concerns is a partnership. Understanding the importance of building a strong patient/ provider relationship, along with trusting Brenda’s expertise and experience are foundational to successful treatment.
The best outcomes are always reached when you are willing to invest the resources required to achieve the results you’re looking for:

  • make everyday interaction with others more pleasant, less stressful
  • improve your ability to succeed in the workplace
  • help you to feel more confident and engaged
  • benefit you in building and maintaining stronger relationships
  • help you to better connect with what’s really important to you in life!

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Hearing care

Caring for your hearing is a valuable investment you will never regret! The Ear Clinic can assist you with a range of auditory and ear related concerns:

  • hearing aids
  • dizziness
  • tinnitus: ringing / buzzing ears
  • ear infections
  • ear wax
  • referral & reporting to physicians and other health care providers

Let us help!

The Ear Clinic, located in
Meaford, Ontario, serves the communities of the Georgian Triangle, including Collingwood, Owen Sound, Thornbury & the Bluewater District.

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