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Introducing TECare
our promise of integrity to you!

Are you looking for hearing care
that goes beyond your appointment or purchase?
You're not just 'another appointment' to us! When you choose The Ear Clinic to assist you with your hearing health, we want you to enjoy the peace of mind and experience the valuable benefits of being part of our care family!

We're passionate about providing an exceptional level of help and service, and offer you TECare, our guarantee to you as a patient of The Ear Clinic, that we mean what we say.

With TECare the Promise of Integrity,
you receive:

  1. 60 hearing aid batteries with each new hearing aid and office service plan purchase.(1)
  2. A full 3-year manufacturer repair warranty and office service plan on new hearing aids.(2)
  3. A full 2-year, one-time loss & damage replacement on new hearing aids.(3)
  4. A full 90-day 'Satisfaction Guaranteed' period, during which time hearing aids may be returned for exchange or refund.(4)
  5. Loyalty Points with every purchase. 1% of the value of all purchases accrues as points which may be redeemed for future purchases!
  6. Battery Club. Purchase 4 packs of batteries and get one free!
  7. Complimentary Hearing Aid Cleaning! Is it time? We invite you to accept a complimentary cleaning for your hearing aid, even if you didn’t purchase it from us.
  8. Complimentary Hearing Health History.
    • Not sure if we are the right fit for you?
    • Do you have questions about ear and hearing health?
    • Questions about balance?
    • Are you frustrated that you've already tried to find a solution for your ear problems but haven’t gotten the outcomes you hoped for?
    Schedule a complimentary, 30-minute meet-and-greet to discuss your hearing health and balance concerns, and how we will work together to achieve your goals.

1. Office service plan includes annual hearing re-evaluation, ear wax removal as needed, annual hearing instrument re-evaluation, hearing instrument programming adjustments, in-house repairs, hearing instrument clean and checks.
2. Select makes. 1 full year beyond standard offering, a $220 value!
3. Select makes. 1 full year beyond standard, a $500 value! Subject to manufacturer deductible.
4. All makes. 60 full days beyond standard, no restocking fee on select makes.

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The Ear Clinic, located in
Meaford, Ontario, serves the communities of the Georgian Triangle, including Collingwood, Owen Sound, Thornbury & the Bluewater District.

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