Research shows that those with diabetes are twice as likely to suffer hearing loss as those without the disease. While scientists have yet to pinpoint the exact cause, it is thought that the high blood sugar levels experienced by diabetics may reduce blood circulation in the inner ear, much the same way that diabetes injures blood vessels elsewhere in the body. Because hearing loss risk increases with age and exposure to noise, and may have begun earlier in diabetics’ lives than researchers were able to identify, it is difficult to clearly isolate the cause-and-effect relationship between diabetes and hearing loss. Suffice it to say, however, those identified as being pre-diabetic may want to schedule a hearing exam.

If your hearing is suffering from the effects of disease, noise and noise pollution, trauma, or age-related loss, seek the professional attention of a Doctor of Audiology.  Hearing loss varies by type and degree, so we offer comprehensive evaluations and a complete line of hearing instruments to suit each person’s particular needs. Come see us at The Ear Clinic, 46 Nelson Street W., across from the LCBO, and have a complimentary hearing evaluation. It’s painless, doesn’t take very long, and can help you more than you know. PH: 226-909-0966.

P.S.  At least one study has found a strong correlation between diabetes and hearing loss across all frequencies, especially in the high-frequency range.



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