Just as cosmetic concerns may compel an orthodontic patient to opt for “invisible braces,” some hearing instrument users choose “completely-in-the-canal” (CIC) instruments, which fit deeply into the ear canal and are virtually invisible. Their positioning deep within the canal ensures that output is closer to the eardrum. As a result, the amount of amplification available is greater for the same amount of power as in other hearing instruments. Some wearers report that the CIC instrument’s sound is clearer than their previous instruments, while others find that listening on the telephone is easier (especially if they previously had to remove their hearing instrument to do so). The snug fit of CICs also eliminates acoustic feedback.

Even though they are more sophisticated and technologically advanced than ever, today’s hearing instruments still keep one simple goal in mind—helping people with hearing loss to hear better by making the most of the hearing they have. Come find out what’s new at The Ear Clinic and have complimentary hearing evaluation. You just may hear some things you haven’t heard in a long time. Located at 46 Nelson Street W., across from the LCBO, you can reach us at 226-909-0966.

P.S. Because it is housed inside the ear, a CIC instrument reduces wind noise.


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