With a proper evaluation and fitting, a hearing instrument can effectively overcome age-related hearing loss (“presbycusis”), which might otherwise undermine a person’s quality of life by increasing his or her risk of dementia and depression. However, many older hearing instrument users find the abrupt reintroduction to such ambient sounds as wind and background conversation to be overwhelming. As a result, many stop wearing their instruments, thereby depriving themselves of the overwhelming advantages that the devices bring. To counter this problem, it is suggested that new users limit their initial use of hearing instruments instead of wearing them all day. One study shows that gradual introduction of a hearing instrument results in greater satisfaction with the devices in the long run.

Learning to hear with the assistance of hearing instruments requires practice in the beginning. We’ll help you through the entire process at The Ear Clinic, beginning with comprehensive testing and evaluation by a Doctor of Audiology to determine the most appropriate way to address your hearing impairment. We’ll show you several different types of hearing aids to be sure we find the right one for you. Follow-up care is also an integral part of our services at 46 Nelson Street W., across from the LCBO. To improve your hearing and improve your life, please call us at 226-909-0966 to arrange a complimentary hearing evaluation.

P.S. Because today’s hearing instruments can adapt to nearly any hearing situation, users are advised to discuss any problems with their provider in an effort to fully customize their hearing experience.


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