New Year. New You.

If one of your new year’s resolutions is to be better about your overall health, we encourage you to include your hearing health. Changes in hearing tend to happen so slowly over time that most people don’t recognize a problem until it starts to affect their quality of life. You may, right now, be compensating for hearing loss without even realizing it; that’s how slowly and steadily it can sneak up on you. So, why not start off the year with a thorough hearing assessment? Should we diagnose hearing loss, you can also begin the new year on the path to healthier hearing through some amazing new technology:


  • Hearing aids featuring Bluetooth
    From smartphones to TVs and other devices, Bluetooth is a big part of life these days.  Many of today’s hearing aids are Bluetooth-enabled in order to enhance the overall hearing experience. For instance, if you need the TV volume higher than others can stand it, Bluetooth can stream the sound from a smart TV directly to a hearing aid. That gives you personal volume control without bothering anyone else. Other hearing aids can speak to each other via Bluetooth, maintaining a proper balance for each ear.
  • Direct-to-your-hearing-aid sound streaming
    One of the greatest frustrations that indicates hearing loss is inability to hear well in group settings: restaurants, parties, meetings, etc. This is another area where Bluetooth can come in handy. There are devices available today that collect sound from one point in a room and deliver it directly to hearing aids. One very helpful design sits discreetly on a dinner or conference table, using multidirectional microphones to capture sound. It’s a great help in making sure you can always focus on the primary speaker in a conversation.
  • Hearing aids that adjust themselves
    Going from one hearing environment to another changes what you need your technology to do. There are hearing aids available today with programming that enables them to change their settings automatically when you enter a new environment, such as the transition from a quiet car ride to a loud party. These hearing aids literally assess the quality of sound in each situation and automatically set themselves for optimal performance.
  • Hearing aids with built-in rechargeable batteries
    For quite some time, people with hearing aids lived with the constant worry of their batteries dying at inconvenient times. Carrying spare batteries wasn’t very convenient and excusing oneself to change them was often embarrassing. Contemporary technology has eliminated all of that hassle with built-in batteries that can be charged with enough power to provide many hours of crystal-clear hearing with no worries about them giving out.


It would be our pleasure to help you understand your current level of hearing health and, if you need it, show you the latest hearing technology available to you. What we’ve mentioned here is only a glimpse into everything there is too see. Visit us and you can even try out this amazing new tech for yourself before committing via our unique, Hearing Aid Test Drive ™.

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