While miniature “in-the-canal” (ITC) and “completely-in-canal” (CIC) hearing instruments offer the cosmetic advantage of being virtually invisible, they may not be as powerful or full-featured as larger models. Handling these small devices and changing their batteries may also pose challenges for those with limited dexterity. However, “in-the-ear” (ITE) instruments, which are custom-made to fit in the lower portion of the outer ear, are comfortable to wear, easy to use, and do not draw undue attention to themselves  due to their skin-matching cases. These tailor-fit instruments are especially adept at picking up high-frequency sounds, and all their components can be integrated into one case, which eliminates the need for wires and tubes. ITE instruments offer plenty of power and features.

At The Ear Clinic, keeping pace with the ever-growing technology of today’s hearing aid industry is an integral part of our business. Our experienced staff will use specialized equipment to pinpoint and evaluate you hearing impairment. We then choose among a selection of hearing instruments to match the most appropriate aid with your individual needs. Our services don’t stop there, however. At 46 Nelson Street W., across from the LCBO, we know how crucial follow-up care and support are to the successful wearing of any hearing instrument. Call us at 2226-909-0966 and once again Hear the sounds of your life.

P.S. “In-the-ear” (ITE) hearing instruments have relatively large batteries, which translates to longer life.


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