Hearing instrument

There has been a great deal of interest in “open-fit” hearing instruments in recent years, largely because they provide a natural “no-feedback” hearing experience. Hearing instruments of this type have much in common with traditional “behind-the-ear” (BTE) instruments. While the main body of the instrument sits behind the ear as a BTE instrument does, the receiver (or “loudspeaker”) piece goes inside the ear, which allows the open-ear instrument to be smaller than a BTE. “Receiver-in-the-ear” (RITE) instruments of this type, also known as “receiver-in-the-canal” (RIC) instruments, use the receiver wire housed within a plastic micro tube to connect the body of the hearing aid to a small, soft tip that sits inside the ear canal.

We take the responsibility very seriously of matching every patient with the hearing instruments best suited to their individual circumstances. We then use sophisticated technology to achieve the most accurate, comfortable, custom fit. The extensive training required of doctors of audiology and our 21+ years of experience make us well-suited to both tasks. Is your hearing in need of a boost? Call us at The Ear Clinic, 226-909-0966, to arrange a complimentary hearing evaluation and to see the impressive hearing instruments available today at 46 Nelson Street W., across from the LCBO.

P.S. Since the sound generated by an open-fit RITE instrument only has to travel a short distance with low transmission loss, less sound energy (and battery power) is required to produce a superior listening experience.


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