Surveys indicate that seniors are more afraid of developing dementia, which includes Alzheimer’s disease, than they are fearful of getting cancer, heart disease, or a stroke. This fear of dementia is predicated on worries about losing independence and becoming a burden on loved ones. While there is currently no cure for dementia, experts recommend certain lifestyle changes that minimize seniors’ risk of developing the condition. These changes include lowering blood pressure to normal levels, giving up smoking, losing excess weight, remaining socially engaged, and treating diabetes. In addition, hearing loss has recently been discovered to be a risk factor for dementia. Treating hearing loss with a hearing instrument helps reduce feelings of depression and social isolation, which promote dementia.

If you have a hearing impairment, you are missing more than just the understanding of words. Hearing keeps you in touch with the world, lets you respond to sound, and reassures you of changing surroundings. After the age of 50, a regular hearing test should be considered as important as a yearly physical checkup. The Ear Clinic offers comprehensive hearing services by a clinical audiologist including a complimentary hearing evaluation, custom fittings, a full range of hearing instruments, accessories, follow-up support, and repairs. Located at 46 Nelson Street W., across from the LCBO, you can reach us at 226-909-0966.


P.S. While it is not known if treating hearing loss can prevent memory loss, it is worth getting your hearing checked.



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