For those with mild to moderate hearing loss, “completely-in-the-canal” (CIC) hearing instruments are a cosmetically appealing choice due to their diminutive size, but they may be too small to accommodate certain features. However, the traditional “behind-the-ear” (BTE) hearing instruments, which fit behind the ear and use a tube and earmold to direct the sound into the ear canal, can address all degrees of hearing loss and are easy to use. Hearing-impaired individuals who want to combine the best elements of both a CIC instrument and a BTE one may want to consider “open-fit” BTEs, which are smaller versions of BTEs that use a slim tube to connect to a dome that funnels sound into the ear canal.

At The Ear Clinic, our primary responsibility is matching each patient with the hearing instrument best suited to his or her individual circumstances. We then use sophisticated technology to achieve the most accurate, comfortable, custom fit. Our extensive training and our experience in the field make us well-suited to both tasks. Is your hearing in need of a boost? Call us, 226-909-0966, to arrange a complimentary hearing evaluation and to see the astonishing hearing instruments available today. Hearing tests are painless—have one soon at 46 Nelson Street W., across from the LCBO, where you will always be seen by a Doctor of Audiology.

P.S. “Receiver-in-the-canal” (RIC) and “receiver-in-the-ear” (RITE) are essentially two versions of open-fit hearing instruments, which now comprise a majority share of the consumer market.


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