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While the introduction of a hearing instrument into the life of a person with age-related hearing loss can help them to avoid depression and dementia, too much of a good thing has the potential to be overwhelming. The sudden reintroduction of background noise such as traffic and conversation may be so irritating that some people are inclined to stop using their hearing instruments. With this in mind, it may be better for some people to increase the use of their new hearing devices gradually. According to recent research, progressively increasing hearing-instrument use led to more than half the seniors studied reporting greater satisfaction with their hearing devices.

It is certainly preferable to adjust to the newness of wearing a hearing instrument than to remain trapped in a world of little or no communication. Diagnosis of a hearing impairment and decisions about the best kind of hearing aid for individual needs are best left to a skilled, specially trained clinical audiologist. Has it been some time since you last heard the sounds of life crisply and clearly? Why not arrange for an accurate hearing assessment? Call 226-909-0966 for an appointment for a complimentary hearing evaluation at The Ear Clinic, 46 Nelson Street W., across from the LCBO in Meaford.

P.S. When first wearing hearing instruments, seniors may want to use them only in their homes, where the environment is most familiar.

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