When people delay treatment for hearing loss or elect not to wear a hearing instrument that might help them hear better, their decisions have consequences that extend beyond themselves. For instance, those who come in regular contact with individuals who have untreated hearing loss can become quite frustrated with being asked to repeat themselves. Others find themselves arguing about TV and radio volume. According to a recent review of 78 studies, researchers found that family members report arguments that leave them feeling stressed, worn out, and guilty (if they let their frustration show) over disagreements they have had with other family members with untreated hearing loss. This is one more reason to have hearing loss diagnosed and treated properly.

At The Ear Clinic, we know that any type of hearing impairment can have serious consequences and deserves professional care from an audiologist. A hearing loss makes it more difficult to meet people and enjoy social gatherings. It can also affect a person’s job. A hearing loss can act as a barrier between the impaired and other people. That’s why Helen Keller said her hearing loss was a greater problem than her blindness. Is a hearing impairment diminishing the enjoyment of your life? Perhaps it’s time for a complimentary hearing evaluation. You can reach us at 46 Nelson Street W., across from the LCBO, 226-909-0966.

P.S. When untreated hearing loss disrupts relationships at work, performance and efficiency may be compromised.


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