“In-the-ear” (ITE) hearing instruments are designed to fit in the external portion of the ear (concha). Depending on the degree of miniaturization of such components as the microphone, receiver, and battery, an ITE instrument may fill only a portion of the concha, in which case it is an “in-the-canal” (ITC) instrument. If it fits deeply in the ear canal, it is called an “invisible-in-the-canal” (IIC) instrument. Those that fit entirely in the ear canal are known as “completely-in-canal” (CIC) instruments. Dependent on the shape and size of one’s ear canal, any of these types of ITE instruments may offer the advantage of a more secure fit over some “behind-the-ear” (BTE) models.

At The Ear Clinic, we recognize that individual needs vary when it comes to hearing instruments. We prescribe and fit a full range of makes and styles because we want to see our patients using and enjoying hearing devices that they are comfortable with and that will enable them to hear to their best ability. When dealing with hearing loss, you can count on us for experienced, knowledgeable recommendations, evaluations, fittings, and follow-up support. Join our family of satisfied hearing devices users. Visit us at 46 Nelson Street W., across from the LCBO, for a complimentary hearing evaluation, the first step to better hearing. Hear the sounds of your life—call us at 226-909-0966.

P.S. The deep placement of completely-in-canal (CIC) instruments may lead to less wind noise and increased cosmetic appeal, compared with other styles.

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