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The natural aging process and exposure to loud noise eventually take their toll on the hair cells of the inner ear to the point where hearing usually becomes less sensitive to pitch. When hair cells deteriorate, the auditory nerve is not properly stimulated, resulting in nerve impulses not reaching the brain. This condition, called “presbycusis” (meaning “old hearing”) generally affects most of us to some degree over the years. The first symptom is usually difficulty hearing high-frequency sounds, which makes it hard to distinguish certain elements of speech, especially the consonants S, F, SH, CH, H, and soft C. It is at this point that many turn to hearing instruments for help.

If the beautiful sounds of life are beginning to fade, leaving you with diminished interaction with your loved ones, it’s time for a visit to The Ear Clinic, where better hearing begins. Good hearing is an important component of communication and the enjoyment of life’s everyday happenings as well as its special moments. Don’t let the absence of the sounds of life become a way of life. Take action now and call us at 226-909-0966 for individualized attention to your hearing requirements. Located at 46 Nelson Street W., across from the LCBO, we’ve been serving the hearing healthcare needs of our gorgeous community for over five years, with over 21 years of experience.

P.S. Presbycusis typically affects both ears and usually begins at around age 50.

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