Hearing Evaluation

The Ear Clinic prides itself on our ability to offer the best family centered care approach within the Georgian Triangle. We encourage all of our patients to bring a family member or friend to all of their appointments, to ensure that they are included in the decisions you make about your hearing health.

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Dizziness is one of the most common complaints heard by physicians, after headache and lower back pain. It is the primary reason people over 70 visit their physicians. Balance-related falls account for more than half of all accidental deaths in the elderly and are responsible for a considerable number of hip fractures every year in people over 65.

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Tinnitus is the perception of sound in the absence of an external stimulus, often described as a hissing, humming, ringing, buzzing or roaring sound heard in one or both ears or somewhere in the head. Often a symptom of hearing loss or other ear-related problem caused by noise exposure, aging, ear infections, ear wax, medications, head injury, etc.

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Wax Removal

Ear wax (cerumen) is produced by glands in the ear canal and may help to maintain ear health by preventing dust and foreign objects from reaching the eardrum. Ear wax typically falls out of the ear as it dries. However, blockage of the ear canal can sometimes occur. If you suspect your ear canals are blocked with wax, schedule an appointment.

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Hearing Aid Repair

Is your hearing aid sounding off? At The Ear Clinic, we can repair any style and most brands of hearing aids regardless of where they were purchased. Whether your hearing aid doesn’t sound right or won’t turn on, we can diagnose the issue and repair it.

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You’re not just ‘another appointment’ to us. When you choose The Ear Clinic to assist you with your hearing health, we want you to enjoy the peace of mind and experience the valuable benefts of being part of our care family.

We’re passionate about providing an exceptional level of help and service, and offer you TECare, our guarantee to you as a patient of The Ear Clinic, that we mean what we say.

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Improve Your Hearing With Our Unique Hearing Aid Test Drive

At the Ear Clinic, we believe the only way to know which hearing aid is right for you is
to experience the benefts in your day-to-day life. That is why we created a hassle-free,
no pressure process that truly puts you in the driver seat.

Here’s How It Works:

  1. Make an appointment for an initial hearing evaluation
  2. Take home state-of-the-art hearing devices today. We allow you to try many different types and price levels.
  3. Take your time evaluating which hearing aid suits you best

Who’s Who?

An AUDIOLOGIST is a hearing health care professional holding, at minimum, a Master’s degree in audiology. Audiologists specialize in the administration and interpretation of complex hearing tests for all ages, from infant through older adults, and are trained to identify, manage and treat non-medical hearing and balance problems in addition to prescribe and fit hearing aids. Audiology is a REGULATED health profession in Ontario, meaning audiologists are governed by the regulatory College of Audiologists and Speech Language Pathologists of Ontario, whose mandate it is to ensure that audiologists are practicing in a safe, ethical, fair and professional manner. The college also investigates complaints and ensures that audiologists are accountable to the public.

HEARING INSTRUMENT SPECIALIST has a smaller scope of practice and is NOT regulated. A HIS can test someone’s hearing, and recommend specific hearing aids, but is required to get a hearing aid prescription from an audiologist or physician. Hearing testing of children is not within the HIS scope of practice.

An ENT is a medical doctor who specializes in the surgical and medical intervention of ear, nose and throat disorders.